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Ms. Dia Aagarwal

Business Manager & Content Head

Dia is a marketing graduate with a leaning towards the creative fields. An avid reader since her childhood at the Wynberg Allen School in Mussoorie; Dia has been on a journey of discovery. The love for words transcended from books to Film scripts when she joined the industry as an intern and in a short span of time developed her skills to grow as the business manager and content head in the company.

Formally educated in Business administration, Dia has grown within the organisation contributing her skills and energies as heading business under the guidance of the founder Gaurang Doshi. With the will to expertise beyond her age she joined Mr. Doshi, who's conceptualisation and visions she had admired since the time she learnt what she desired to do in her career.

Dia heads the Content Division for Gaurang Doshi Productions, she is always looking for new stories and storytellers. Travelling is Dia’s passion. Dia is a people's person and displays a commitment and a level of experience beyond her years.