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Casanova Song Honey Singh


Highlights from the article
1.Both Gaurang Doshi and Rocky Khan partnered with Al Futtaim Group for the extraordinary Image Show held at Dubai Festival City.
2.The show featured laser searchlights, fire effects, geysers, choreographed fountain and lights, fireworks, and a graphic show on the Intercontinental Building.
3.It was the first time in history that a song was choreographed on laser, fountain and fireworks during its launch.
4. Vivek Oberoi surprised Gaurang Doshi, Rocky Khan and the entire crowd and left them awestruck with his unannounced presence at the launch.

What happens when two  revolutionary titanic thinkers and  creative dynamites producer Gaurang Doshi along with co producer Rocky Khan and three most celebrated artists globally come together, it results in path breaking, world music being applauded, commended and celebrated by the creative geniuses and fans world wide. That's exactly what the world experienced when Gaurang and Rocky created history by hosting the biggest and the most magnificent launch of their newly released song CASANOVA, feat. Lil Pump, Yo Yo Honey Singh and DJ Shadow Dubai directed by Mihir Gulati. The track has been garnering a lot of attention as Gaurang is renowned for his legendary soundtracks and has created a benchmark with his phenomenal projects in the past. According to a source, Gaurang and Rocky have spent a lot of time and money creating the song, as it's a deeply personal and special one.

CASANOVA is trending on all music and social media platforms. It is touted to be the party anthem of the year. Both Gaurang Doshi and Rocky Khan partnered with Al Futtaim Group for the extraordinary Imagine Show held at Dubai Festival City.

Bollywood fame Vivek Oberoi added the surprise element with his unexpected visit to the launch to congratulate the Casanova team. Gaurang Doshi and Rocky Khan were left in a wonderstruck situation as they were equally unaware of the surprise. Vivek during his presence inaugurated the show by pressing the countdown Red Button which started the fountains and laser lights. The crowd shouted their hearts out and danced in excitement seeing Vivek interact with the producers and crowd. Vivek presented a gesture of support and decades of friendship with Gaurang at the launch.

Roadies host and fame Rannvijay Singha who has helmed a number of renowned shows is popular for his energy and charm. Singha hosted the show and kept the audience intrigued. The grandiose of the show featured laser searchlights, fire effects, geysers, choreographed fountains and lights, fireworks, and a graphic show on the Intercontinental Building. It was the first time in history that a song was choreographed on laser, fountain and fireworks during its launch. There was a countdown before the projection of the song on the fountain and the whole crowd participated in it. CASANOVA was graphed in the air followed by firecrackers and a dancing fountain. Gaurang Doshi as a gesture displayed his brand partners' logos- Bhutani Infra, Satoshi Fx (Madhu Bhandari), Lamer Capital (Kush Goel), Dr Baseem, Dex Sports Radio(Deepak Agarwal), Maisha Infotech (Gaurav Rai) on the Intercontinental building. It happens to be the biggest launch ever witnessed.

The choreographed fountain on the CASANOVA music will be played for the next one month thrice a day and so would the graphic show on the intercontinental building. 

Digital promotions on the inmall screens inside the mall and on outdoor screens have started a week prior to the event. The digital branding inside and outside the mall will be available on the Festival Mall screens  for the next 10 days.

Once again Gaurang Doshi proved he is the  showman of the global entertainment industry. Gaurang since the very beginning of time has come out with extraordinary concepts for his films and launch parties. He is maintaining the trend for the music launch as well. Along with partner Rocky Khan and official Brand Partner Al Futtaim Group, the duo hosted an eye wobbling launch for the song.

Overwhelmed with the response, Gaurang Doshi says “It was a wow moment for the audience that was present to witness the grand launch. It is a proud moment to host a launch of such a grand stature. Special thanks to my dear friend Vivek who surprised all of us present there with his presence during our important day. It was a great gesture from his end and meant a lot to me and the entite team of Casanova. I am happy that all the age groups are loving the song. From sixteen to sixty, CASANOVA has become a hot favourite”

Co Producer Rocky Khan says “CASANOVA is our biggest project. The artists, the song, location, music and lyrics, everything is top notch. Ever since we announced the song, there has been a lot of anticipation surrounding it, now finally the wait is over. Thank you to Vivek for surrounding the ground with his positive energy and enthusiast conversations " 

Multi-award winning superstar DJ who has officially produced for Pitbull, Sean Paul, Guru Randhawa, Badshah, Bohemia and more, DJ Shadow Dubai says "CASANOVA is out & it has stormed the music scenes worldwide. The kind of response we are receiving it overwhelming" 

Vivek Oberoi says- “Casanova was an exhilarating song and kudos to everyone on the team for putting together such a brilliant show at the launch. The vibe and the energy in the air was breathtaking and the fans couldn’t have enough of it."

Rannvijay Singha says,  It was a sheer pleasure hosting the spectacular Casanova evening … Dubai was lit and was shining like a jnint in the armour, For me it was a rare experience and the show man Gaurang is was surely expected by him  to make moments larger than life. It was a fun interaction moment with Rocky, DJ Shadow and Vivek during the event. Surely loved all of it. Kudos to the entire team of CASANOVA

Gaurang Doshi showcased the motion poster of his upcoming web series 7th Sense and Line of Fire on the Intercontinental Building

Gaurang Doshi Productions


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